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Family Therapy Certification

The National Credentialing Academy was initiated as a result of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselor’s (IAMFC) professional concerns and efforts in the area of credentialing. After requests from membership and several years of surveying professionals, it was determined that a national certification process for family therapists was needed. In 1994 NCA was incorporated with the primary purpose to establish and monitor a national certification system, to identify professionals who have voluntarily sought and obtained certification, and to maintain the certification process. This process grants recognition to professionals who have met predetermined NCA standards in their training and experience, and meet ethical standards in the field.

By granting certification, it is the intent of the academy to provide a national standard that can be used as a measure of professionalism by interested agencies, groups, health providers and individuals. This national certification encourages the continuing professional growth and development of Certified Family Therapists. National certification is not a substitute for individual state licensure. Professionals are encouraged to also seek and gain appropriate licensure within their state.

Purposes of Certification

Individuals who offer marriage and family counseling/therapy services, educators of such individuals, and professionals in related professional behavioral science fields can benefit from national/international  Certification in Family Therapy:

– Promotes professional accountability, visibility, and helps recognize the practice of Family Therapy.

– Identifies to the public and professional peers those professionals who have met specific recognized standards.

– Advocates among groups and agencies actively involved in managed health care.

 Encourages the continuing professional growth and development of individuals practicing in marriage and family counseling and therapy.

– Ensures a national/international standard.

Length of CFT Certification

Certified Family Therapists are certified for a period of 6 years and receive a CFT certificate. At the conclusion of each 6 year cycle, CFT’s are required to meet re-certification that includes:

– Evidence of completion of 72 clock hours of continuing education.
– Adherence to the NCA Code of Ethics in professional practice.
– Payment on a yearly basis, of the $30.00 annual maintenance fee.


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