CFT Continuing Education Requirements (Re-Certification)

Continuing education requirements are established for the re-certification of the CFT. These requirements are intended to maintain and improve the quality of professional services in family therapy keeping the therapist knowledgeable of current practices, research, techniques, and interventions, and provide other resources that will improve skill, competence, and/or knowledge in marriage and family therapy.

Continuing education requirements for renewal shall be fulfilled during the six year period. An average of 12 clock hours per year or a total of  72 clock hours of continuing education must be met over a six year period. A clock hour shall be 60 minutes of professional activity, and may include direct services to clients, or attendance/participation in acceptable continuing education experiences.

Types of acceptable continuing education include:

(1) participation in programs or program sections (e.g., institutes, seminars, workshops, and conferences) which employ didactic and experiential methods to increase skill and competency in relational systemic therapy typically taught by persons who are certified or licensed.

(2) participation in programs or program sections (e.g., institutes, seminars, workshops and conferences) which are designed to increase one’s professional knowledge related to the practice of relational systemic therapy and are conducted by persons qualified within their respective professions by appropriate certification or state licensure.

(3) teaching or consultation in programs such as universities, institutes, seminars, workshops, and conferences or graduate-level courses, which are designed to increase professional knowledge, related to the practice of marriage and family therapy.

 completion of graduate academic courses emphasizing supporting development of skill and competence in relational systemic therapy, or increased knowledge as a therapist at an institution which meets the accreditation standards or equivalency acceptable to the board (e.g., accreditation by a recognized accrediting agency).

 Completion of documented direct services using systemic methods of therapy with individuals, couples, families, or in groups designated by a log indicating direct service hours to clients (counseling/therapy, supervision, consultation).

Organizations typically initiate requests for board approval and hour credits for specific continuing education programs. Continuing educational experiences that are approved by national and state counseling, therapy, and psychology associations are recognized.

The Certified Family Therapist’s continuing education report shall be sent and signed by each individual seeking re-certification. Copies of certificates, continuing education hours, teaching/consulting hours, and a log of direct service hours should be included in this report. This information can be attached electronically with an email or sent with a cover letter that is signed to indicate that all information provided is accurate and can be further documented if needed.

The Board shall review and renew certification upon submission of the required report. Any activities considered unacceptable for recertification shall be communicated to the CFT by the board.